5 advantages of small domestic flour mill

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With the development of science and technology, there are different types of flour mills with small, middle and large capacities. Among all the flour mills, small flour mill is the most widely used in our daily life. The small scale flour mill is distinctive from middle or large scale flour mills in price, processing, size, structure and production capacity. The most prominent 5 advantages are:

  • small flour millFirst of all, seen from price, small domestic pellet mill is cheaper than a large flour mill, because it is small in capacity and size.
  • Secondly, seen from size, the processing equipments of small flour mill are simple and clear, the occupying area is relatively small; no matter for processing or operation, it is very simple, so it is quite suitable for domestic use.
  • Thirdly, from processing perspective, due to the small model of small flour machine, it is not easy to generate torque or bonding flour; but compared with large flour milling equipment, its flour output rate is relatively low, and the efficiency is relatively low.
  • Fourthly, seen from the structure, the composition of small flour mill is brief, which includes material feeding, cone milling and separation system; it integrates crushing, grinding, feed processing machine in one, which is especially suitable for rural and small grain, feed processing operations.
  • Fifth, from production capacity perspective, because of the small size of flour machine, the production volume is not large, so small flour mill is only applicable to small workshops. If you need large processing capacity, then it is recommended to buy large flour mill.

Small flour mill has its own advantage on the five aspects of price, size, processing, structure and output. ABC Machinery here would remind buyers: you must choose the flour mill according to your own demand, so that the flour mill machinery can meet your requirement and do not waste your money.


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